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This is the community wiki for Xenowar (, here you will find/add all there is to know about the game.

Introduction to Xenowar Edit

Xenowar is a turn based tactical alien blasting game for Android and the PC. It combines strategic and tactical games.

The strategic game is the geo-scape where you build bases, defend against UFOs, research, and allocate resources in real time. When ground combat occurs, the tactical game is turn based combat.

Articles Edit

These articles explain the basics of the game, which will not spoil any plot, or technical calculations for you.

Spoilers and Articles with Technical Details Edit

These articles are to be as complete and thorough as possible, any tricks, exploits, source diving is allowed in these articles.

Game Mods Edit

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Creating Mods
    created by Grinliz
    New page: The builder for creating mod resources is included with the Win32 version of the game. The instructions for running it are in the README.txt file....
    Summary: mod creation
  • new page List of Mod files
    created by Grinliz
    New page: Installing a Mod, Windows Edit On Win32, place the .xwdb files in the 'mods' subdirectory where you installed you game. When you next start the game,...
    Summary: mods
  • new page Difficulty Settings
    created by Grinliz
    New page: From revision 804 there are now difficulty settings. The 4 choices are: Easier Normal (the default of the game, and the setting before 804) Hard ...
    Summary: difficulty
  • edit Items
    edited by Grinliz diff
    Summary: formattnig fix
  • new page Items
    created by Grinliz
    New page: Xenowar contains a large number of items which are separated into the following four tabs, though only the first three inventory tabs will be visible...
    Summary: items
  • new page Alien Spacecraft
    created by Grinliz
    New page: There are 3 types of alien spacecraft: Scout Scouts are small shuttles, usually manned with 3-4 Greens. Frigate Frigates are the medium sized...
    Summary: spacecraft
  • new page Alien Types
    created by Grinliz
    New page: There are 7 types of Aliens: Green (STR 30, DEX 60, PSY 50). Ray-guns. Prime (STR 60, DEX 70, PSY 90). Ray guns and plasma rifles. Hornet (STR...
    Summary: add back in the aliens and unit descriptions
    Added photos:

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  • edit Xenowar Wiki
    edited by Grinliz diff
    Summary: Spoilers and Articles with Technical Details: main page links
  • new page Bases
    created by Grinliz
    New page: Bases are the heart and soul of your effort against the aliens. You can build a base by tapping the lower left button on the geo screen, and then...
    Summary: bases
  • edit Unit Stats
    edited by Grinliz diff
    Summary: unit stats

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