Research Tree

In Xenowar there are 3 "routes" of research available.

The three are:

  • Aliens
  • UFO / Alien Base
  • Items

Notes: when it says "a Object" it mean you need to have obtained/killed that Object, if it says "Object" it mean you need to have researched Object.


  • Green
    • Requires: a Green
  • Hornet
    • Requires: a Hornet, Green
  • Viper
    • Requires: a Viper, Green
  • Jackal
    • Requires: a Jackal, Green
  • Prime
    • Requires: a Prime, Green, Hornet, Viper

UFO / Alien BaseEdit

  • UFOs
    • Requires: the first UFO must have arrived
  • AlienCores
    • Requires: a Scout core (Cor:S)
  • Scout
    • Requires: AlienCores
  • AlienTech
    • Requires: AlienCores
  • Cell
    • Requires: a Scout core (Cor:S), Hornet
  • Anti
    • Requires: a Frigate core (Cor:F) , Viper, Cell
  • Frigate
    • Requires: a Frigate core (Cor:F), AlienTech, Scout
  • BattleShip Attack
    • Requires: a Frigate core (Cor:F), AlienTech, Scout
  • BattleShip
    • Requires: a Battleship core (Cor:B)
  • Beacon
    • Requires: Battleship, Prime


  • ASLT-2
    • Requires: a RAY-2
  • ASLT-3
    • Requires: a PLS-3, Hornet, ASLT-2
  • LR-2
    • Requires: a RAY-1
  • LR-3
    • Requires: a RAY-3, LR-2, Prime
  • MCAN-2
    • Requires: a STRM-1
  • MCAN-3
    • Requires: a STRM-3, MCAN-2
  • SG:K
    • Requires: Cor:S, Viper
  • SG:I
    • Requires: SG:I, Hornet
    • I believe requiring SG:I is a bug, and should be SG:K
  • SG:E
    • Requires: SG:I, Prime
  • ARM-2
    • Requires: LR-2
  • ARM-3
    • Requires: ARM-2, Viper

Todo listEdit

Add images of each item/alien, and the descriptions.

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